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White Breasted Woodswallows Stubby Cooler

White Breasted Woodswallows Stubby Cooler

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This personalized can cooler is here to make refreshing drinks even cooler, both literally and style-wise. It has a all-over print, and will keep your drinks frosty. Available in one size.

.: Material: 100% neoprene
.: One size: 3.0" × 4.6" (7.6cm × 11.7cm)
.: Black interior with sewed edges

Manufacturered and posted (on order) by Printify. 


The White Breasted Woodswallow is one of the little birds that will greet you all around Cairns, from the airport precinct when you first walk outside into these beautiful tropics, to when you are enjoying a walk along the Cairns Esplanade, sitting atop the lamp posts. It is a small bird, up to 17cm and likes to sit in small groups. It's latin name is Artamus leucorhynchus. 

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