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Blue Nude 1 2017

Blue Nude 1 2017

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Here is an original oil painting sketch, 'Blue Nude 1 2017' from a series I did in the dim dark ages of pre-covid. Dug out of my collection now that I'm finally listing works for sale after guarding them in my folios like a dragon on a pile of gold. 

Why is it so cheap? Because this is an oil painting sketch! The roughness and lines give it a dynamic charm however, so I hope you do enjoy it. 

Yes... these nudes are of me when I used to be in a much nicer shape. Would you want a nude of me now? Probably not, give me this year back in the gym now my health is soooo much better. 

So the size of the artwork (painted area) is: 

  • Height: 26.5cm | 10.4 inches
  • Width: 29cm | 15.35 inches

The size of the cavas sheet it is painted on (A3): 

  • Height: 29.7cm | 11.7 inches
  • Width: 42cm | 16.5 inches
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